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Peak Benefits

Broken and Unsustainable

Opaque Costs, Hidden Charges, Mis-aligned incentives and Rising Premiums are words that could describe the current situation in the healthcare delivery business.

Peak Benefits

A New Approach

Have you ever wondered why your provider bills so much if the insurance company only pays 60% of the bill? Have you ever wondered why the pricing structure is based on a 40% discount?

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Video Library

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Health Rosetta

A group of advisers committed to fixing the broken system.

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At Peak Benefits we believe in the value of innovation. We are constantly scouring the marketplace, looking for ways to stack the deck in favor of the client. We have found that the clear majority of time we sit down with a prospect we will present information that is new to that client, and whether they sign up with us or not, they find that their time was well spent.

We refuse to see ourselves as salesman, but rather as educators. It doesn’t matter the size of your company or the industry you are in, when you sit down with a Peak Benefits representative, you will learn something that will help you navigate this very tangled and difficult marketplace. Armed with this information, you as our client will be able to make choices that will increase employee satisfaction with their policy and put more dollars onto the bottom line.


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