Opaque Costs, Hidden Charges, Mis-aligned incentives and Rising Premiums are words that could describe the current situation in the healthcare delivery business.

For employees the maze is so confusing and expensive that the benefits that you are paying for to “recruit and retain” your employees are something that they “resent!”

What most employer groups know is that the time for disruption is now!  Much like Netflix disrupted Blockbuster or Uber has disrupted taxis, the time for a new approach has arrived.

This paradigm shift is easier than you might think.  We treat your benefits plan much like you would any other large purchase.  We use transparency, competition and accountability to ensure that you are not overpaying for healthcare.  Our system ensures the HIGHEST QUALITY healthcare is delivered at the lowest price possible.

In other words, we use MARKET FORCES to control costs.  It really is that simple.

While most employer groups are tired of the effect on their bottom line, most employees are tired of the situation too.  They are tired of the higher deductibles, the higher out-of-pockets and the higher employee contributions.  Not to mention the higher drug prices.  They will be quicker to embrace positive changes than you might imagine.

“I’ve made a lot of good decisions since taking this organization over, but maybe the best one is picking Peak Benefits as our Brokers. You guys have been incredible.”

R.L. Colo Springs